Downtown and Cool FM’s Cash for Kids

Downtown and Cool FM’s Cash for Kids want to help you make a difference in your local community and believe that together we can make this difference bigger and better

They have an exciting opportunity for NI sports groups who work with disadvantaged children and are in need of funding, to take part in our new campaign ‘Sports Challenge’

Disadvantaged can refer to physical, social, educational or financial. Please apply and clearly demonstrate your aims to help the children overcome their disadvantage.

In this campaign, Cash for Kids will choose 10 successful Sports Groups and give them between the 8th October – 5th November to fundraise as much as they can for Cash for Kids with a minimum target of £1,000.
At the end of the campaign Cash for Kids will grant back all funds raised by you to your sports group and offer some additional top ups, provided the minimum target is reached.

1. When you reach your minimum target, Cash for Kids will top-up your fundraising with an extra £1,000 (eg raise £1000 = total returned £2000!).

2. If you are the group that fundraises the most then Cash for Kids will top up your fundraising by an additional £1,500 on top of the previous £1,000! (eg raise the highest amount, say £2,000 = total returned £4,500)

On top of that we will also award:

· Best social media interaction  – £500

· Best press exposure – £500

· Most creative fundraising idea – £500

· Best display of team work  – £500

This campaign is about the power of sport to help overcome disadvantage. We want to facilitate participation in sports for children and young people who may not have this opportunity due to their circumstances. We want to see examples of how participation in sport can help make a difference to young people’s lives in Northern Ireland. Successful applicants will be selected based on how they aim to make a difference to disadvantaged children aged 18 and younger in their local community.

We will be with you every step of the way, by giving all 10 finalist groups their own online fundraising tools, branding, advice and all the support you need to raise significant funds for your team.

If you would be interested in applying for your team to take part in this campaign please go to  Applications close 3rd October.




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