Concerned about the Proposed Cuts to the Sport Budget?

It is important that all colleagues within the sports sector provide input to this consultation process to ensure that the voice for the power of sport is heard loud and clear and will be taken seriously.

Below are several actions and documents which Northern Ireland Sports Forum believe will help you contribute to the consultation:

  1. Review the draft budget 2015-16 document 
  2. Review the ‘Case for Sport’ document which we have prepared and will help you to complete your response
  3. Complete the official DCAL online response questionnaire here
  4. Complete a quick online e-petition which will go directly to the NI Executive
  5. Download a suggested letter template to send to DCAL & DFP Ministers and your local MLA

Here’s what some of our medal-winning athletes have to say in support of the campaign:

Two-time Olympic bronze and two-time Commonwealth gold medallist, Paddy Barnes: “Sport is so important to all our local communities and I believe it should definitely be kept free from any more budget cuts.”

Commonwealth Bronze medallist, Lisa Kearney: “As an athlete further cuts to the budget for sport would make it very difficult for me to compete, that’s why I’d like to see a stop to cuts to sport.”

Four-time Paralympic gold medallist, Jason Smyth: “I don’t want to see any more cuts to sport.  More budget cuts to sport would affect my ability to perform as an athlete at the highest level.”

Chairperson of the Northern Ireland Sports Forum Roy Millar MBE has expressed how cuts will affect the many areas sport influences “Sport is a strong vehicle in uniting communities, it improves physical and mental health and the impact of cuts on the sports budget will hinder our athlete’s performances.”

See some evidenced research which highlights the benefits of engaging in physical activity

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