Consulation on Savings Delivery Plans and Equality Impacts within DCAL

Savings Delivery Plan can be downloaded HERE

Following publication of the Executive’s draft budget for 2015/16, the Department arranged an initial consultation exercise in November 2014. There were a great many responses to this, a large proportion of which reflected support for Libraries and for the Arts sector, including NI Screen.

Since then a final budget for 2015/16 has been agreed by the Executive. The purpose of attached document is to:

· set out the Department’s final budget allocation:

· present savings delivery plans which show how reductions to budgets will be achieved:

· present assessments of the equality implications of these plans and

· invite comments on these plans and assessments.

The consultation period will extend for four weeks from 9 February 2015, ending on 9 March 2015. This shortened period reflects the fact that an initial consultation exercise, lasting six weeks, has already taken place.

This document is available in a range of formats on request. Please contact us with your requirements on 028 90 515081 or by writing to:

Finance Branch
Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure
Causeway Exchange
1-7 Bedford St.


The Department will be writing to key stakeholders and in particular, it will consult with the Assembly Committee for Culture, Arts and Leisure.

While the Department welcomes any comments: it is particularly interested in observations on the savings delivery plans themselves and their equality impacts.


For the sake of efficiency, representations should be made directly to the Department. Respondents are strongly encouraged to use the link below:

Using this survey tool will allow us to collect and summarise comments in a timely and efficient manner.

You may also send written responses to the contact address given above or by emailing

The closing date for submissions is Monday 9th March at 4.00pm.


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