• Outdoor exercise permitted in groups of up to a maximum of 15.
  • Outdoor sports events and gatherings, permitted subject to a risk assessment if more than 15 attending and measures in place to limit risk of virus transmission, with an upper limit of 500 on participants. An upper limit of 500 spectators is permitted regardless of venue capacity.
  • The risk assessment in respect of a venue at which a sporting event occurs must include a consideration of risks relating to those outside the venue who are entering or leaving the venue.
  • As Covid is spread by respiratory droplets, group indoor sports/exercise activities that have high levels of exertion (i.e. that cause participants to get out of breath) are not permitted at this time.
  • Gyms, swimming and diving pools can open for individual training, training with a personal trainer/coach and classes of up to 15 that do not cause an individual to get out of breath. Contact details must be taken.
  • Indoor competitive and recreational sport is limited to elite, individual (including with a coach/trainer, or carer), and non-contact exercise classes/activities of up to 15 people that do not cause an individual to get out of breath.
  • Physical education delivered by or for schools, pre-schools and other education providers is permitted to continue.
  • Inter-school competitive sporting events are not permitted.

Further information and guidance available here.

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