JobStart 50+ Scheme

The Department for Communities’ JobStart Scheme, initially aimed at 16-24-year-olds, offers paid job opportunities to help improve skills and support the move into a permanent job or into further education or training. The Department is now extending the Scheme to a small number of 50-64-year-olds (approx. 180). This will provide invaluable information on how beneficial this type of employability scheme is to this group. The findings will be used to inform future policy in this area.

This extension builds on the success of the JobStart Scheme to date and will provide job opportunities with a range of employers in all sectors across Northern Ireland. Those aged 50-64, who are currently unemployed are now eligible to apply for the Scheme. This age group provides valuable opportunities for employers to utilise a wealth of skills and experience that would benefit businesses and is an ideal opportunity for anyone aged 50-64 to enter or re-enter the labour market.

The JobStart Scheme is now open to people aged 50 to 64 who wish to enter or re-enter the workplace for six-month job opportunities with local employers.

Benefits of the JobStart Scheme

By taking part in the JobStart Scheme you will:

  • develop your employment skills
  • get a six month paid job opportunity
  • enhance your CV and future job prospects
  • increase your confidence
  • learn important work skills like teamwork and problem solving and communication skills

By the end of your opportunity you may:

  • be offered a permanent job by the employer
  • have the skills and experience to help you find another job
  • go into further education or training opportunities
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