Made By Sport’s ‘Clubs In Crisis’ Fund

Closing Date: Apr 23, 2021 13:00

What is the funding for?

Sports clubs or organisations working within the sport for development sector (this includes any physical activity), which are able to demonstrate that the Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected them, either operationally or financially, and which require funding to save, resume or adapt their activity.

How much can I apply for?
A one-off grant of £2,021. If you don’t need as much as that but would like to apply anyway, please do.

What can the funding be spent on?

The funding is unrestricted so can be spent on core costs as well as on programme or capital costs. Funds can also be used towards match funding or for leverage for a larger programme. In normal circumstances, Made by Sport funding would not be able to be used for either debt repayment or for costs incurred before the funding was agreed. However, each participating Community Foundation will ensure that applications for these types of costs are assessed and considered in light of the pandemic if the unique requirement to cover these costs meets the aims of the Fund.

Are there any other conditions of the grant?

No, but we are interested in the funding being used for two things and will ask you about this in the end of project reporting:

  • As the funding is unrestricted, we’d love to see it used as match funding to leverage other
    funds for your club or organisation.
  • We’d also like to see how it can be used to ensure the sustainability of your club.

Made by Sport FAQs

Who can apply?

Clubs or organisations which intentionally use sport to deliver wider social outcomes. The organisations we are looking for operate mostly in disadvantaged communities, often working collaboratively with other partners to meet local need, and may offer cross-sector activities. Specifically, we will fund clubs and organisations which can demonstrate that they are using sport to work towards one or more of the following outcomes:

• Developing Life Skills
• Improving Mental Health
• Reducing Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour
• Developing Employability Skills
• Building Stronger Communities

Examples of projects under each theme operating within the UK can be found below:

Developing Life Skills
Greenhouse Sports uses inspirational sports coaching and mentoring to engage young people and improve their life chances. They partner with schools to provide opportunities for young people who may be disengaged, vulnerable or facing disadvantage to develop the social, thinking, emotional and physical skills that help them thrive.

Improving Mental Health
Westport is a charity in the West of England which runs various projects using sport to improve mental health. Bristol Active Life Project works in partnership with people who experience Severe and Enduring Mental illness (SMI) by enabling them to improve their own health and wellbeing through taking part in sport and exercise opportunities in the local community.

Reducing Crime and ASB – TSA Projects
TSA Projects, based in Birmingham, deliver programmes in partnership with charities to engage with hard-to-reach young people. They provide a positive space for young people to communicate safely about potentially dangerous situations, and encourage a range of activities, including sport-based programmes, to support their personal development, safety, confidence to ensure they stay away from criminal activity.

Employability – The Blair Project
A karting project in Manchester that develops employability opportunities and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills for young people aged 15-18 by designing and 3D printing karts they then race.

Community Cohesion – Boots & Beards
A Glasgow based organisation that started life aiming to get young people off their screens and exercising through hiking. Now the project focuses on bringing together people from all parts of the BME community to go on likeminded adventures, exploring and promoting Scotland’s natural landscape.

Clubs and organisations constituted and operating within the UK.

• Charities registered in the UK
• Social enterprises and Community Interest Companies
• Other not-for profit organisations

Organisation Size:
Organisations with an annual turnover of up to £75,000 with the following priorities:
Priority 1 – Up to £25,000
Priority 2 – Up to £50,000
Priority 3 – Up to £75,000

Who cannot apply?

Community sport clubs and organisations which only focus on developing and widening opportunities to participate (traditionally those voluntary sports clubs and organisations overseen by governing bodies) which are not intentionally working towards one of these five sport for development outcomes:

• Developing Life Skills
• Improving Mental Health
• Reducing Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour
• Developing Employability Skills
• Building Stronger Communities
• Organisations which are unable to demonstrate that the pandemic has affected them, either
operationally or financially.

Organisations constituted and operating outside of the UK.

• Individuals
• Sole traders
• Private companies
• Government linked bodies (excluding clubs who have received National lottery or Sport England Funding)

Organisation Size:
Organisations with an annual turnover of over £75,000.

In addition the Community Foundation will not fund:

  • Organisations or activities which promote causes that are contrary to our purposes.  Causes and activities that are contrary to our purposes include, but may not be limited to, those outlined in our investment policy.  We will not therefore fund organisations or activities which we determine are linked to the promotion of armaments, alcohol, human rights abuses, tobacco or pornography.
  • The advancement of religion.  This includes organisations whose purposes include the advancement of religion.
  • The establishment of endowment of any school or institution providing further education within the meaning of the education and libraries (Northern Ireland) order 1972.
  • The provision of assistance to any Housing Association within the meaning of the housing (Northern Ireland) order 1976.
  • Applications from individuals
  • Applications from statutory organisations
  • Organisations/projects that promote religious or political activities
  • Salaried posts
  • Trips abroad
  • Vehicles
  • Activities that duplicate existing services
  • Retrospective Funding
  • Substitution for statutory funding

The application process:

When can I apply?
The Fund will be open for applications on April 12th 2021.
There aren’t any specific deadlines for application, but the sooner you apply the better as we expect high demand for the funding and we only have a certain amount of funding to award.

What information will I need to apply?
We’ll ask you to complete an application form which will have various sections, including:
– Proof of your eligibility for the fund – your constitution, where you operate, your organisation size, your purpose against the five social outcomes and so on.
– Further information about your organisation including your contact details, who you work with, how you are funded, how many young people are in your organisation and who it is run by.
– What you would like the funding for.
– We’ll also ask for evidence, for example of your bank account, and that you are delivering sport for a social purpose.

What happens after I apply?
Again, each Community Foundation will have a slightly different process and they’ll tell you all about the process, deadlines, what happens if you are successful or unsuccessful and so on.

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