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Our current membership consists of:

Applications for membership by Organisations shall be in writing to:

Northern Ireland Sports Forum
House of Sport
Upper Malone Road

We are constantly expanding our membership base and if you would like to be considered for membership you should include the following information in your application:

Postal Address
Email Address
Telephone Number
Any other relevant information to support your application.

This will be reviewed by our Board, who subsequently makes a decision on membership approval.
Acceptance of an application for membership and its classification shall be at the sole discretion of the Board.
Individual membership shall be honorary and at the discretion and invitation of the Board.

Member Organisations shall nominate, cancel the nomination of, and replace their Representative members by notice in writing to The Executive Manager signed by a member of the member organisation. A representative member so nominated shall be entitled to exercise the same powers on behalf of the Member Organisation nominating him / her as the member organisation could itself exercise.

Other than an Individual member who is a member of the Board, an individual membership shall cease two months after the next annual general meeting after election or re-election. A member will, however, be eligible for re-election and the Board may, in its mid-term year, if it thinks fit, waive the necessity for individual re-elections. Until otherwise determined by a General Meeting the number of Individual Members shall not exceed one quarter of the total number of voting members of the Sports Forum.