The School of Sports Studies has announced details on a new postgraduate course MSc Physical Activity and Population Health

Applicants are expected to have an undergraduate degree in a related area with the programme available in Full and Part Time Modes; starting September 2008

Overview of Contents

Promoting the Health of the Public
Epidemiology for Population Health
Physical Activity & Psychological Well-Being
Physical Activity & Disease Prevention
Nutrition for Health & Disease Prevention
Leadership and Management in Promoting Health

What will you study?

The course will give you an expert overview of all aspects of physical activity promotion in order to enhance the health of modern society. You will examine issues pertaining to promoting the health of the public, leadership and management in promoting health, psychological well-being and the role of physical activity and nutrition in disease prevention. You will also develop skills for conducting research in physical activity.

Why study this course?

Physical activity is often not taught in traditional postgraduate programmes associated with health promotion but is now recognised as an essential component for understanding population health. By taking the course you will increase your understanding of how physical activity can make a beneficial impact to modern society by potentially curtailing common diseases. You will also receive a grounding in popular aspects of health promotion. For careers in physical activity research or promotion, this postgraduate course is a must.

How to apply?

Fill in the University postgraduate application form found within the postgraduate prospectus –

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