NI Coaching Talent to be Celebrated as Sport NI Launches 2016 Coaching Awards

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The Sport Northern Ireland Coaching Awards recognise the outstanding contribution of coaches and coaching organisations over the previous 12 months and the role they play in encouraging people to enjoy, engage and excel in sport.

Nominations can be made across 7 award categories for coaches, and 1 category for awards in support of coaching.

Awards for Coaches

  1. Children’s Coach of the Year
  2. Community Coach of the Year
  3. Young Coach of the Year
  4. Disability Coach of the Year
  5. Talent Development Coach of the Year
  6. Club Performance Coach of the Year
  7. High Performance Coach of the Year

Award in Support of Coaching

  1. Coaching Project of the Year

In addition,the Sport Northern Ireland REACH Award will be presented for the first time in 2016 to recognise the outstanding contribution of a female coach. Further information on the National REACH into Coaching Campaign can be found To be eligible for this award, a coach must be nominated in one of the seven categories for coaches, as outlined above.

The guidance and support document provides further information on each of the award categories and deadlines for nominations, together with key evidence the judging panel will look for when making decisions.

Please read this carefully before submitting your nomination via the online process through the links below:

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