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How 2into3 can help NI Sporting Bodies with their Funding and Organisational Strategy

We offer a range of tailored services to sporting bodies to maximise their development potential:


Funding Strategy

Applying for state funding can be a difficult and timing consuming process, involving various documents such as business plans, costs analyses, technical details, stakeholder research and much more. Many organisations struggle as they do not plan their application sufficiently or do not adhere to the strict grant programme application criteria.

An actionable funding strategy is critical to the financial sustainability of any club,  growing income streams and identifying and sourcing the correct grant and developing fundraising opportunities are key to success.

We understand the sports sector and the challenges your executive team might face. Availing of our expert advice and planning will help you come to informed funding decisions specifically adapted to your organisation.


Organisational Strategy

2into3 has worked with organisations across the nonprofit sector to review structures, processes and teams.

Organisational change is a challenging process and requires making difficult decisions. Changing the structure of your organisation also requires expertise and skills that may not be readily available to you internally. We bring with us a wealth of experience and provide a sense of clarity when tackling the obstacles involved in moving your organisation forward. There is a range of services available to your sporting body to help implement the organisational change.


Why Use 2into3?

Since 2006, we have worked across the nonprofit sector to develop organisational and fundraising strategies and to recruit talent, helping 300 organisations to fund and deliver on their missions.

We seek to keep the Irish nonprofit sector informed through our research, gathering and analysing data to provide the sector with evidence and insights. 2into3 have established a strong connection with the Irish sport sector, as well as providing consulting and recruitment services to a range of relevant organisations.


There is a 10% discount for all NI Sports Forum members.


For more information please contact Patricia Keenan from 2into3.


M: +44 07743267665