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How 2into3 can help NI Sporting Bodies with their Fundraising and Organisational Strategy

We offer a range of tailored services to sporting bodies to maximise their potential:

  1. Introduction to Fundraising Strategy Development in Masterclass setting
  2. Fundraising Strategy
  3. Organisational Strategy


Introduction to Fundraising Strategy Development in a Masterclass setting

2into3 have developed a 2-hour masterclass which we see as an introduction to Fundraising Strategy Development. The Masterclass equips participants with the structure and knowledge needed to develop a fundraising strategy. Deliverables include tools to establish the clubs own funding model, fundraising plans using templates and best practice examples when developing a range of funding options to target donors. We also offer Sports Grant Masterclasses, which are delivered by Otium Leisure Consultancy.

In Feb 2019 we undertook a Sports Fundraising Strategy Masterclass with NI Sport Forum.


Fundraising Strategy

Many sporting bodies try and fail in growing or diversifying their income. For some, they do not know what options are available to them. We provide you clear understanding of the funding options. Our advice is based on informed-evidence and best practice which stems from our 13 years of work in the sector. Our expert advice and planning will help you come to informed decisions that are in the best interests of your organisation. Depending on the scale of your sporting body or the challenge you face, we offer a suite of different options.


Organisational Strategy

Organisational change is a challenging process and requires making difficult decisions. Changing the structure of your organisation also requires expertise and skills that may not be readily available to you internally. Having worked with widely varying organisations across the sector, we bring with us a wealth of experience and provide a sense of clarity when tackling the obstacles involved in moving your organisation forward. There is a range of services available to your sporting body to help implement the organisational change.


Why Use 2into3?

2into3 transforms sporting bodies through consulting, recruitment and research. Our team builds capacity through fundraising strategy development, organisational strategy development, talent acquisition, change management and evidence-informed decision-making. 2into3 have established a strong connection with the Irish sport sector, as well as providing consulting and recruitment services to a range of relevant organisations.

We are judged and measure ourselves on the long-term outcomes and return on investment for our clients. 2into3 has a track record of success in helping sporting organisations increase their funding from Earned Income and Private Investment.


There is a 10% discount for all NI Sports Forum members.


For more information please contact Patricia Keenan from 2into3.


 M: +44 07743267665