DK Service Global Ltd.

DK Service Global Ltd (Omagh) in partnership with the NI Sports Forum provides a complete back to sport hygiene safety solution for all sports clubs.

The effective disinfection and sanitisation of surfaces and the air in your environment both play an important part in helping to combat transmission of COVID 19 and other dangerous pathogens.

DK Service Global provides a comprehensive wrap-around solution utilising best in class products to offer the best protection for your environment. You can find out about the range of services from DK Service Global HERE


Protecting your Facility

Full ecosystem protection of your Sporting Facility, including

  • Touch Points and hard surface instant disinfection /sanitisation 
  • Air filtration and regeneration machines
  • Full pathogen testing facility and ongoing consultative advice /partnership
  • SAFER SPACE ENVIRONMENT certification /accreditation for your facility

For a non obligatory site survey or quotation please contact or contact directly on 07936 800865.

Please Note – Northern Ireland Sports Forum has negotiated a discounted rate on behalf of its associated membership.


How it Works

Create a Safer Space Ecosystem in your environment with verifiable Certification via our Protective Shield Technology programme: –

  1. Terminal electrostatic disinfection of the whole environment with our premium product TyroSan20 (Trusted by NHS, Dentists and major food producers) – TyroSan20 Information Booklet.
  2. 3 x on-site before and after test results to prove efficacy of service – Ongoing ATP Monitoring Programme available
  3. Protect surgical safe, TyroSan20 treated, touchpoints with Safer Space approved and durable photocatalytic Resysten Coating (persistent up to 12 months) – What is Resysten
  4. Combat Aerosol Transmission of pathogens and create Alpine quality fresh air with our Bona range of ISO 13485 medical device certified machines – Bona Range of Air Disinfection, Filtration & Regeneration Machines
  5. Your dedicated consultant will have a best practice discussion with you regarding infection risk mitigation, on an ongoing basis, periodically renewing your Safer Space accreditation

DK Service Global Ltd – creating Safer and Healthier Environments for everyone. We are the first certified Safer Space contractor, using only Safer Space approved products in Ireland.