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Does your organisation need support in processing Access NI applications? Let the NI Sports Forum take care of your needs.

Apply for an Access NI Check

From the 1st of April 2015 applicants who are required to undergo an AccessNI check will be able to apply on-line and registered/umbrella body signatories can countersign applications on-line, using the Government’s NIDirect web-site

AccessNI believe that these changes will benefit everyone, applicants, registered/umbrella bodies and AccessNI. AccessNI will, for example, be the first disclosure service in the UK to enable all applications to be made on-line.The changes also help AccessNI to control costs and should therefore avoid the need for any further fee increase for the foreseeable future (volunteers remain free). The use of the online system will also speed the process up enabling the applicant to receive their disclosure check much quicker.

Organisations who use NISF as an umbrella body to process Access NI applications need to use our new Pin Notification & ID Validation form online which can be found hereThis pin number is specific to NISF and is for bodies who use NISF as an umbrella body to process their Access NI applications.

Paul Stephenson from the Child Protection in Sport Unit of the NSPCC has also provided an Applicant Instructions document which been devised to provide further information on the Access NI online process which can be found here.

Want to use NISF to process your Access NI application forms?

From April 2013 on wards if Governing Bodies do not meet the requirement of undertaking a minimum of 20 checks per year they will be deregistered by Access NI. The Northern Ireland Sports Forum has registered to become an Umbrella body to support those who do not meet the requirements of Access NI.

Northern Ireland Sports Forum processes applications for over 20 member organisations. If you believe that this is a service that your organisation would like to avail of then please contact us on 02896 221 224or email

NISF- Access NI ID Validation Form