The Sport and Recreation Alliance, the NI Sports Forum’s sister body in England, has launched a free online resources tool, Smart Sport.

What is Smart Sport?
Smart Sport is a resource bank that stores example policies, guidance notes and links to further sources of information. It’s designed to help sport and recreation organisations with legal compliance, policies, procedures and governance.

Why have we created Smart Sport? 
Smart Sport is an initiative that has been designed by the sport sector for the sport sector to help you manage your organisation better. It means that organisations don’t have to re-invent the wheel, and can support and learn from each other.

How do you use Smart Sport?
It’s available through the Sport and Recreation Alliance website, where we have separated the information into eight structured sections so that you can drill down and get the information you need both quickly and easily.

What if you can’t find what you are looking for?
We are proud to say that Smart Sport is becoming a primary information source to help national governing bodies and sport and recreational organisations with their governance and legal compliance, but we also know it’s impossible to cover everything.

We have therefore created a ‘request a sample policy’ form where you can request specific policies not available on any of the Smart Sport pages. We can then email you examples and template policies tailored to that request.

How can you help to develop Smart Sport?
If your organisation has template policies or examples you think would make Smart Sport better and which you would be happy to share with other sport and recreation organisations, please send them to our Governance Team.

For more information on Smart Sport or the Sport and Recreation Alliance please click here.

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