Sport NI Launch Corporate Plan 2015-2020

1I am delighted to present Sport Northern Ireland’s Corporate Plan for 2015-2020. This document sets out our key priorities for action over the next five years, which will in turn contribute to wider government objectives and high level targets within Sports Matters: The Northern Ireland Strategy for Sport and Physical Recreation, 2009-2019.

A new Vision, Mission Statement and Strategic Objectives for Sport Northern Ireland have been agreed, providing a high degree of strategic focus and direction for us as a leading public body for sport in Northern Ireland.

We are currently in the midst of extremely difficult economic times and have had to reduce spending and find savings, while at the same time continuing to provide high quality services to an increasingly expectant sporting community. This presents a significant challenge. We know that it will require informed planning, strategic and targeted investment, meaningful partnerships, and difficult decisions to achieve our vision, mission and strategic objectives.

Sport is central to everything we aim to achieve, whether this is through increased participation, athlete performance and enhanced facilities, or a better equipped sporting workforce. We are also committed to our wider social responsibilities including the promotion of equality, along with tackling poverty and social exclusion as a key priority in this Corporate Plan period.

To realise these instrumental benefits through sport it is essential to have an ‘excellent sporting system’ in Northern Ireland. This sporting system includes well managed competent governing bodies, modern talent development systems, strong club and competition structures, a competent and available workforce and a range of quality, accessible facilities within the club, local authority, governing body, education and community settings. We will continue to work to support the ongoing development of the sporting system in Northern Ireland.

Our Corporate Plan demonstrates our commitment to striving for excellence at all levels of sport, and maps out how we intend to use our limited resources in order to maximise the positive impact of sport. It is about the positive difference we will make to sport in Northern Ireland by 2020 and the benefits people will experience as the Plan is realised. It clearly articulates how our expertise and investment will be devoted to growing and sustaining an excellent sporting system at all levels.

Brian Henning
Chair, Sport Northern Ireland

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