Young swimmers thank parents for their support

Young swimmers from Ards swimming club were asked about their experiences of how their parents have helped them enjoy their sport. 

Ards Swimming Club and NI Sports Forum produced a series of videos of the young people, which Swim Ireland used to promote the important role that parents play as part of their support for Parents in Sport Week.

Young people interviewed for the videos were asked how their parents encouraged them to enjoy their sport and what they would suggest to other parents, to help all young people enjoy sport and reach their potential.

They were also offered the chance to send messages to parents, thanking them for their support and telling them why they like their involvement in their sporting journey.

Key themes from young swimmers

During filming young people discussed the different ways in which their parents had supported them to acheive in sport and a few common themes came out.

  • parents play a vital role in helping to keep them motivated
  • parents don’t apply too much pressure, particularly if things were not going well
  • they provide all the practical things are like transport and diet
  • parents can be good listeners

Club coach and parent of a young swimmer, Steve McConnell said:

‘The involvement of parents in any club is invaluable, be it fundraising, transport, or volunteering at events. However, as a parent and a coach I have come to know that step back.

Allowing the young athlete to develop at their own pace in a happy and enjoyable environment, ensures future success and longevity in sport.’

Further information

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