Anna Pim – At The Heart of The Game

Would you have the knowledge and confidence to save a friend, a teammate or one of your family members if they had a cardiac arrest?


Every year in the UK and Ireland there are over 33,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests occur, less than 1 in 10 people survive. Anna Pim saw the need to drive change and improve this statistic.


After completing her A Levels and deferring her place to university, Anna combined her love for sport, business, and leadership to create an educational programme for the sporting community. She up skilled her first aid knowledge, trademarked and launched her business and facilitated the demand from other sports, businesses, and organisations.


As they continue to prioritise safety and well-being in the sports community here in Northern Ireland, Anna is excited to bring attention to the invaluable benefits of incorporating CPR and AED training for governing bodies.


In the dynamic and fast-paced environment of sports, unexpected emergencies can occur, emphasising the critical need for swift and effective response strategies.

CPR and AED training align perfectly with the commitment to create a secure and prepared sports community.


CPR and AED training empowers coaches, athletes, technical and support staff to respond promptly in the event of a cardiac emergency, potentially saving lives.


By recognising and embracing the responsibility to learn CPR and use an AED, At the Heart of The Game have the power to drive change and save more lives.


To find out more information or to book a session please contact Anna at:

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