DAERA Consultation-The provision of access for outdoor recreation in Northern Ireland

The aim of this consultation is to seek the views of key stakeholders on the current provision members of the public have to Northern Irelands natural environment for outdoor recreation, and investigate how provision can be improved, while protecting the environment and recognising the needs of landowners. This consultation is not considering an overall “Right to Roam”, or the development of National Parks in Northern Ireland.

Stakeholders identified for initial consultation include:

  • Representative groups of those who use the outdoors for recreational purposes
  • Representative groups of landowners / land managers
  • Environmental groups
  • Those who enforce related legislation


A list of Key Stakeholders who have been invited to provide their views is provided at Annex A. If you feel we have omitted any significant group please contact us at the e-mail / address below.

A broader public consultation is expected following the consideration of responses from key stakeholders.

Submissions should be:

e-mailed (preferable) to:               AccessforOutdoorRecreation@daera-ni.gov.uk


hard copies sent to:                         Stephen Emerson
RNRPD: Natural Heritage Policy Branch
Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs
Klondyke Building
Cromac Avenue
Belfast BT7 2JA

The closing date for submissions is 29th March 2021

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