Fundraising Regulator to oversee Charity Fundraising In Northern Ireland

NICVA is pleased to announce it has invited the Fundraising Regulator to oversee and regulate fundraising in Northern Ireland.

NICVA Chief Executive, Seamus McAleavey said “We established a Working Group and carried out a full consultation on the issue and concluded the Fundraising Regulator, already established in England and Wales was the best option for a voluntary regulation scheme in Northern Ireland.

Our decision to act on the matter was in response to the Etherington Report an investigation into fundraising practice in England.  The Fundraising Regulator will provide confidence to the public by investigating any complaints anyone may have about any charitable organisation’s fund raising practice.  They will also encourage and advise on best practice.

Dealing properly with any complaints will protect the public and the long-term reputation of charities”

Speaking about taking on responsibility for Fund Raising regulation in Northern Ireland Stephen Dunmore Chief Executive of the Fundraising Regulator said:

“I am delighted that, following NICVA’s consultation, charities in Northern Ireland have committed to excellent standards of fundraising by supporting the Fundraising  Regulator and the Code of Fundraising Practice. We look forward to working closely with NICVA, the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland charities. We will shortly recruit a Board member for Northern Ireland by open competition.”

The announcement was also welcomed by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland who had worked with NICVA throughout the consultation.  Chief Commissioner Tom McGrath commented “The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland welcomes the decision by charities here to use the services of the Fundraising Regulator. We encourage charities to sign up to this important system of self-regulation so that the public in Northern Ireland know where to go if they encounter a problem and so that charities themselves can access guidance and good practice on fundraising standards. It is important for public trust and confidence in charities that funds are properly raised and complaints can be dealt with in a way that is straightforward and easy for the public to use.”

Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Institute of Fundraising said: “The Institute of Fundraising welcomes today’s news that the Fundraising Regulator, NICVA and the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland have come to an agreement on the future of fundraising regulation in Northern Ireland.  The IoF will continue to work with the Fundraising Regulator and the Independent Fundraising Standards and Adjudications Panel for Scotland to ensure the Code of Fundraising Practice remains up to date and effective, while supporting our members across the UK, to ensure continuing high standards and excellent fundraising for the public, charities and beneficiaries”

Neil Irwin, Chair of the IoF’s Northern Ireland Committee, said “The IoF in Northern Ireland will always work with our members to build high standards and support best practice.  We are committed to working with charities, the Fundraising Regulator and other sector bodies to raise awareness of the Code and regulatory system, and to ensure that fundraisers are able to adapt quickly and easily to any changing regulatory structures.


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