The NI Sports Forum Governance and Modernisation Seminar will take place on Wednesday 17th November at the House of Sport from 7pm.

John Beggs, Sport NI’s Governance and Investment Manager will take to the floor to discuss Sport Northern Ireland’s new audit process which all SNI funded Governing Bodies of Sport will have to complete in the next six months, so we would encourage all our members to attend as he will aim to give you an insight as to what you can expect from the new Audit processes.

John will outline how Sport NI will take the Governance and Management agenda forward:

i. – Strategic rationale?

ii. –  Change in approach?

iii. – Who will be responsible?

iv. – When will it take effect?

v. –  What will be the future implications?

Additionally new ‘Recognition’ guidelines have now been published by the Sports Councils across the UK. Jill Poots will highlight some of the important aspects of these and their potential implications. We would particularly encourage our non Sport NI funded members to attend as this is particularly relevant.

If you wish to attend to the event or would like more information please contact Katie Nixon at or on 028 9038 3825.

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