Income Generation & Building Capacity Conference

Income Generation & Building Capacity Conference- 26th March- 6pm-National Football Stadium @ Windsor Park

The aim of this conference is provide National Governing Bodies of sport, their clubs and other sports organisations with some advice and support on how to generate more income for your organisation and also build the capacity of your organisation when planning your activities.
There will be an opportunity to learn about funding opportunities, how to maximise income within your current environment whilst also promoting your events and engaging with event attendees and stakeholders.

Session 1- Funding Opportunities

Getting ready for funding opportunities needs the same thought and forward planning that is needed for competitive play. Otium Leisure Consultancy’s session on ‘Funding Opportunities’ will identify some of the key sources of funding for sports groups in Northern Ireland. Otium will also take you through the key principles of managing a funding application. Funders want to hear about exciting projects and they want to work with and through vibrant and confident organisations. All funding programmers are competitive – are you ready to compete?

Session 2- Maximising Your Sporting Event

Titan Experience will share their experiences in supporting NGB’s and sports organisation’s in planning, promoting and managing sporting events. This session will provide attendees with insights into the key ingredients to raising the profile of your event, working alongside sponsors and stakeholders to maximise brand awareness and fan/ supporter engagement with events of various sizes.

There will also be three workshops and attendees will have the opportunity to select two:

Improving Communications & Income Generation

Klubfunder we will be speaking about how governing bodies and clubs can communicate more effectively with their members and their fundraising platform benefits and features for governing bodies and clubs, money saving E-coaching software and sponsorship opportunities.

Event Streaming- Pundit Arena

Pundit Arena is one of Ireland’s premium digital sports media publications and are interested in helping sporting bodies and rights holders develop digital solutions that can help awareness and visibility of all live sporting events happening across the country.

Recruiting & Managing Flexi-Volunteers- Volunteer Now

One off/Occasional/Episodic/Ad hoc Volunteers. Very little time, sometime to volunteer, how do we recruit, make it a meaningful experience and hope to retain them!

• Vibrant and Motivational role descriptions!

• Giving feedback and recognising their contribution.

This workshop will explore and offer ideas on how to build these roles, how to give real and meaningful feedback and offer suggestions on how we keep “FLEXIVOLS” INVOLVED

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