Latest Covid Guidance – Social Distancing


From 27th September the Executive has considered the existing regulations and has agreed to remove the legal requirement to socially distance in retail and indoor visitor attractions.

They urge those responsible for these venues, and those attending them, continue to utilise all other available mitigations such as hand sanitising, good ventilation, and using one way systems where possible. The wearing of a face covering remains a legal requirement in these settings.

The Executive has also decided to remove the requirement to socially distance in indoor seated venues such as theatres, concert halls and cinemas. They advise that additional mitigating measures are utilised, including proof of being fully vaccinated, or proof of a negative lateral flow rapid test, or proof of natural immunity from a positive PCR test undertaken in the previous 30-180 days.

With the absence of social distance, the use of additional mitigations becomes even more important.

Whilst the legal requirement for social distancing is being removed, the Executive have urged people to keep close face to face contact to a minimum at all times.

The issue of social distancing in the hospitality sector is to be considered at the Executives next meeting along with an  Autumn / Winter  Covid Contingency Planning.

A reminder to the public that free lateral flow Rapid COVID-19 tests are freely available to the public.

For more information and updates from the Executive click HERE.

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