Mid Ulster Council Sports Grants

Grant Criteria: Category 2

  1. Small Sports Grant (Threshold £1,500)

To support recognised Sports NI sports clubs (affiliated to their governing body of sport) to develop and promote their sports and recreation provision within their club and to seek to increase participation through a range of activity including the Every Body Active

Programme target groups; Women & Girls, People with Disabilities and Areas of Social

Need complementing general Sports Development.

  1. Level of sports activity and beneficiaries
  2. Level of targeting of Women & Girls, People with Disabilities & Areas of Social Need
  3. Contributes to promoting fitness and wellbeing and sports development
  4. Other general activity provided to the community to engage and increase participation

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  1. Sports Representative Individual and Team Competitive Grant

(Thresholds £250 / £500 respectively)

To support Individuals who have been selected by their governing body to participate in a representative team or individual sport at provincial, national, all Ireland or international level, with eligible costs (accommodation, travel, food), to a maximum of a £250 grant may be available. Applicants must be resident within the Mid Ulster District Council area for a period of 6 months prior to the period of the grant application.

To assist recognised Sports NI sports clubs (affiliated to their governing body of sport) who are travelling to compete in a recognised (by Governing body) representative (of District/County) sporting competition.

A grant for eligible costs (travel, accommodation, food) to a maximum of £500 may be available. The team must have qualified in a recognised competition by the governing body of this sport, and must be representing the District / County. The event/competition must take place outside of NI.

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  1. Sports Strategic Development Grant (Threshold £20,000)

To support Governing Bodies that play a key strategic role across the MUDC area in developing their affiliated Clubs. It aims to provide Grant Aid to those Governing Bodies that provide direct support to Clubs across the area in increasing participation rates and improving playing standards through the employment of a Sports Coach. The service must:

  1. Provide structured delivery of an annual development programme of a main sport.
  2. Be delivered through a recognised NI Sports organisation; through or in partnership with a sporting governing body; with no duplication of coverage within the same area or targeting of the same groups.
  3. Provide accessible sports development opportunities of a strategic nature that is providing for a large number of people across Mid Ulster.
  4. Provide the programme through a partnership approach with local clubs and groups.
  5. Provide a minimum of 50% dedicated sports officer to the area of coverage in Mid Ulster.
  6. Provide match funding of a minimum 50% to the sports development programme targeted within the Mid Ulster District.
  7. Provide for an active sport within Mid Ulster.
  8. Liaise with Mid Ulster District Council Leisure Development Unit

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Sports Capital Grant (Threshold £5,000)

To support local sports clubs/groups develop their sporting facilities and provision through capital and equipment funding support. Eligibility:

  1. The fund is for not for profit constituted sports groups with the primary objective of providing sports for the Mid Ulster District.
  2. All statutory consents and public procurement is in place.
  3. Actual project cost quotations are provided with the application.
  4. A maximum contribution of £5,000 is available per project, with a minimum match contribution of 50% (e.g. if seeking £5000 it must be a minimum £10,000 project).
  5. For sports capital items or a one off piece of equipment of a value greater than £1000.
  6. Groups can only apply to this grant once every 2 years.

The Sports Capital Grant is to provide a significant benefit to the local community:

Sports Development– supporting the development and enhancement of sports and sports groups across Mid Ulster.

Sports Wellbeing /Provision– increasing the number of beneficiaries of sport, and contributing to the physical fitness and wellbeing of people across the District.

Social Need/Social Inclusion – targeting those most vulnerable.

Sustainability – supporting the long term sustainability of sporting facilities and groups.

Council Corporate Plan – contributing to the Council’s Corporate Objectives

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