NI Sports Forum Statement- 14/10/20

The Northern Ireland Sports Forum notes the announcement of restrictions today by the Northern Ireland Executive and understands the disappointment expressed by our members and the wider sporting sector on how this will impact sport and physical activity.

Our members and the sporting community understand the unprecedented times we now operate in and appreciate that measures are required to fight COVID-19 to ensure the health of our communities and our citizens.

We have been engaging with members to understand their concerns and queries on the restrictions which will come into force on Friday at 6pm and will last for four weeks. We will be seeking clarification from the relevant authorities in relation to these queries and will continue to communicate to members as and when relevant updates are available.

Our members have once again expressed their concerns regarding the financial stability of their organisations and their clubs, and the latest restrictions heighten those concerns drastically.

It must be noted that a significant number of members have indicated with total confidence that they are not aware of any cases of virus transmission through the playing or participating in their sport or physical activity. The sporting community, which include outdoor participation sports, indoor and on water have put in place stringent protocols surrounding those actively participating and are frustrated that grassroots activity at all levels will once again be put on hold.

During the difficult times we live in, the health and wellbeing of our communities is vitally important and we will be seeking clarification from the NI Executive not only on how sport can operate in the coming weeks, but on the rationale as to why strict restrictions were placed on a highly regulated sector which has worked hard to ensure the safety of all athletes and participants.


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