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North West Coaching Forum 2017

The North West Coaching Forum is a learning event designed to address a range of issues related to sports coaching. The Forum is planned to support the education of coaches & volunteers from all sports and raise the profile of coaching in the North West region. Derry City and Strabane District Council have partnered with

Sport Northern Ireland to host the 2017 North West Coaching Forum.

The speaker at this year’s forum is Mark O’Sullivan. Mark is a Uefa A Licensed coach originally from Cork Citybut living and working in Stockholm Sweden. He works with one of Scandanavia’s biggest football clubs AIK Solna, focusing on youth player and coach development. Mark actively coaches at the club and has recently helped set up their “research and development” department.

Mark also works as a coach educator delivering the new Swedish FA coach education curriculum in the Stockholm district. At present he is also consulting for Canadian FA to assist them to develop an evidence based national coach education program for youth coaches. Mark is currently undertaking a PhD doing research on creating learning environments in child youth sport under the supervision of Keith Davids through Sheffield Hallam.

Marks presentation will seek to inform and develop discussions on the complexity of child/youth athlete development. Mark will utilise case studies from Swedish youth sport in order to demonstrate how individual differences among young learners need to be accounted for and understood when coaches design their training environment.

Mark’s Philosophy: As many as possible, as long as possible as good as possible.

Mark’s Blog

City Hotel, Derry. Monday 6th November 2017. 7-9pm

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Attracting Young People to Your Club

Growing membership and sustaining current members is a challenge for many sports clubs. This workshop will support sports clubs to attract and recruit young people in order to grow their club membership and build club capacity. The content will include:

 Behaviours, attitudes and aspirations of young people, & how this relates to sport

 How youth persona is broken down into a series of key traits and behaviours.

 Evaluation of whether you are attracting the right type of young people to your club, in the right way and if not how to contact them based on their personality traits and behaviours.

 Designing the best possible programmes to attract young people to your club, sport, facility, Retaining club members by meeting their personal needs.

The workshop will be facilitated by Graeme Foreman. Graeme previously worked for Sports Coach UK where he published books and resources on fundamental movement skills. He now runs his own company, GF International Solutions, which specialises in coach education, emotional intelligence and performance skills.

Graeme has worked in a consultancy role with a range of clubs and organisations such Hartlepool FC, Sunderland AFC Academy, Durham County Cricket and Durham University sports teams.

Foyle Arena, Derry. Wednesday 22nd November 2017. 6.30-8.30pm

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Social Media Workshop for Sports Clubs

The world of social media is vast and ever expanding. Social media and digital communication are usually key elements within any modern sports club. This workshop will demonstrate how you can use social media as a powerful tool to promote your club and engage your audience.

Workshop content will focus on supporting sports clubs to make the most of their digital presence. The workshop identifies online best practice and demonstrates how to communicate effectively online & grow your club.

The following items will be explored during the session:

 What is digital marketing?

 How can social media impact your club

 10 simple marketing practices

 Branding

 Individual Club Audit

The workshop facilitator is Stephen Moreton who is co-Founder and Head of Strategy for Trigger Movement. Stephen holds an MBA in International Sports Management and previously led Coach Education & Development for Cricket Ireland.

Foyle Arena, Derry. Wednesday 29th November 2017. 7-9pm.

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Silver Birches Hotel, Omagh. Thursday 30th November 2017. 7-9pm.

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