Northern Ireland Sports Forum is delighted to announce our partnership with 2into3

The Northern Ireland Sports Forum is delighted to announce our partnership with 2into3. Following on from recent events including the delivery of their Fundraising Strategy Masterclass to our members in February, we are delighted to develop this relationship with 2into3 which will provide an opportunity for members to engage in a range of services to develop their organisation.

Richard Johnson, Chairperson of Northern Ireland Sports Forum.

“We are excited to launch our partnership with 2into3 and we are confident that our partnership with 2into3 will complement the services that the Sports Forum provides to our members. We have seen the value that our members have already gained from their advice and support through programmes such as the Fundraising Masterclass and look forward to expanding on this in the future.”

 Darren McMahon, Consultant with 2into3

“2into3 are delighted to announce a partnership with Northern Ireland Sports Forum. Both organisations share a common purpose – the development and support of Northern Ireland Sporting Bodies. Over the past 13 years 2into3 has developed a suite of the services that enable Sporting Bodies to provide the best level of service to their members. These services include: Strategic Planning, Fundraising Strategy and an introduction to Fundraising Strategy development in a Masterclass setting.”

For further information please visit or email Darren-



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