Schools & Club Officer Vacancy with Ulster Badminton

Job Title: Schools & Club Officer

Location: Badminton Office, National Badminton Centre, 36 Belfast Road, Lisburn BT27 4AS

Hours: 37 hours per week.

Salary: £25,704

Duration: This post is dependent on external funding which is only confirmed until 31st March 2022
and subject to review on an annual basis. Therefore the post can only be confirmed on an
annual basis up until 31st March 2022. Should further funding be confirmed, the contract
for this post may be extended.

Reporting to: The Ulster Branch Badminton Union of Ireland (UBBUI) through appointed Line Manager.

Job purpose: The Schools & Club Officer will be responsible for developing and implementing Festival to
Clubs and Focus Zones programmes plus undertaking club development and support. Key
parts of this are working closely with:
• Badminton Ireland to improve club membership senior and junior players
• Development of key community partnerships with Local Authorities, Leisure
Operators and Schools
• Development of a programme to deliver the Festival to Clubs
• Identifying Focus Zone Areas and a programme to deliver this
• Work closely with the Business Development Officer to increase our income

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