Sports Briefing – Consultation on £20k registration threshold for charities

Sports Briefings £20k Charity Threshold

Date: 24th July

Time: 1200

Venue: Online

The Department for Communities launched a public consultation on 20 May 2024 to explore the implementation of a £20,000 registration threshold below which charities in Northern Ireland would not be required to register with the Charity Commission or provide an annual report and accounts for publication on its website.

The consultation will take views on the resultant regulatory framework for those charities falling below the threshold and choosing not to register.  It is also seeking views on the future threshold for reporting easements proposed for small charities.

Denise Copeland, Charity and Governance Advice Manager from NICVA will be providing an update on the proposed changes to Charity Legislation to support sports looking to make a return.   This will also help inform the NI Sports Forum position on the consultation return.


Please register online and any questions can be submitted in advance: 

A link will be sent 24 hours in advance of the Briefing.

Details of the Consultation

The consultation seeks views on the regulatory framework for those charities falling below the £20,000 registration threshold that choose not to register or de-register as charities.  Small charities under this income threshold will still be able to remain registered should they wish to remain a registered charity.  The consultation also seeks views on the future threshold for reporting easements proposed for small registered charities.

The consultation follows provision made within the Charities Act (Northern Ireland) 2022 that allows the Department for Communities (DfC) to introduce a registration threshold to remove the requirement for low-income charities to register with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland. This has the potential to reduce the administrative burden for small charities and remove barriers to volunteering.

The consultation is open to everyone to respond and will last for twelve weeks, closing on 11 August 2024.  The online consultation questionnaire and more background information can be found at the following link

Consultation on a £20k registration threshold for charities in Northern Ireland | Department for Communities

About Sports Briefings

NISF Sports Briefings are short sessions designed to help inform the sector on key elements impacting sport and physical activity across NI.  The series will include a variety of subjects aimed at staff and volunteers in Governing Bodies and Clubs.

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