Train up an Anti-Doping Educator for your organisation.

Sport NI has recruited, trained and deployed Anti-Doping Tutors (National Trainers), who are available to deliver tailored education workshops under the Pure Winner programme. However, in order to support your sport to build capacity in this area, we have a new opportunity for you to select an individual within your sport to be trained as an Anti-Doping Educator.

Educators can then deliver quality anti-doping education sessions that are tailored to the performance level of your athletes or support personnel. Educators are managed and deployed by their National Governing Body (NGB) or other sporting organisations to deliver anti-doping education in line with the organisation’s anti-doping education strategy.

Sport NI Pure Winner programme in cooperation with UK Anti-Doping are running a 2 day Educator Course in the Stormont Hotel, Belfast on 2nd and 3rd March 2015. There is no cost for attending the course, provided that the Educators represent an NGB that has, or is working towards an anti-doping education strategy.  This is an excellent opportunity to build capacity within your sport.

For more information on the course and to book your place please see the attached booking form 

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