A new Sport and Physical Activity strategy

The Department for Communities is developing a new 10-year Sport and Physical Activity strategy for Northern Ireland. The new strategy will build on the successful foundations of the Sport Matters strategy which was published in 2009 and which continues to guide Government policy until the new strategy is agreed and put in place.

How we are developing a new strategy for Sport and Physical Activity

The new strategy will be cross-Departmental and will focus on linkages between sport and physical activity and other policies of the Executive, such as physical and mental health and well-being, education, transport, urban and rural regeneration, good relations, community safety, social inclusion and economic and social equality.

The new strategy is being developed through a process of co-design with a wide range of stakeholders. Co-design is a process of developing the strategy jointly and in consultation with those who have a key interest in sport and physical activities, and those who are currently not engaging in such activities and their linkage to the other policies of the Executive so that there is an agreed and shared outcome.

As part of the co-design process the Department for Communities is keen to know the views of a range of key stakeholders on what issues and concerns they have in relation to sport and physical activity. The Department will then seek to ensure that those issues and concerns are considered in the new strategy for sport and physical activity. The public will of course have an opportunity to shape the final outcome in a formal consultation in the of Autumn 2020.

Work on developing a new strategy has been underway for some years and has continued into 2020 despite the constraints caused by the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic. The timescale for the development is challenging given the current circumstances but there is an expectation that the final outcome of the process will conclude in early 2021.

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