Consultation and Guidance on Minibus Driving


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The consultation on proposed changes to section 10B permits seeks your views on a potential change to the eligibility to hold section 10B permits to align the licensing system, with the requirements set out in Regulation (EC) No 1071/2009 and already directly applicable. Policy development has shown there is a need for the Department to clarify the obligations for all those seeking to provide bus passenger transport in Northern Ireland.  The proposals are aimed at promoting road and passenger safety by ensuring that the operation is effectively managed, vehicles properly maintained and the drivers appropriately trained.

The consultation on minibus driving, is intended to seek your views on the Department’s interpretation of the legislation and whether the revised guidance provided is clear, easily understood and covers all the circumstances in which minibuses are driven.

Who should read this document?
3.7 The consultation is primarily aimed at:
 permit-holders;
 applicants or potential applicants for permits;
other community transport stakeholders who may rely on services provided by
permit-holders (including local councils, sports clubs and other recreational
associations, health trusts, universities, schools and other educational or
charitable bodies);
 the drivers of PSVs operating under permits;
 the holders of PSV licences; and
 their respective representative organisations.

You can get full information on the Consultation here

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