European Association for Sport Management Conference – Belfast 2023

As advocates of sports excellence and innovation, we are excited to bring to your attention an opportunity that promises to enrich your understanding, expand your network, and elevate the impact of sports in Northern Ireland.

We are thrilled to announce that the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) Conference will be hosted right here in Belfast this September. This event, renowned for its cutting-edge insights, dynamic discussions, and robust networking opportunities, presents an unmissable occasion for you to engage with the forefront of sport management expertise.

Conference Details:
Date: September 12-15, 2023
Location: Europa Hotel, Belfast

**Why Attend?**

1. **Knowledge Enrichment:** The EASM Conference brings together thought leaders, academics, and practitioners from around the world to share their latest research, innovations, and strategies. By attending, you will gain access to a wealth of knowledge that can be directly applied to your work in the sports industry.

2. **Networking Powerhouse:** Connect with professionals, educators, and researchers who are driving positive change in sports management. Exchange ideas, experiences, and best practices that can fuel your initiatives and foster collaborations.

3. **Practitioner Day:** The dedicated Practitioner Day at the conference is tailored to meet the needs and interests of professionals like you. Engage in interactive workshops, case studies, and panel discussions that address real-world challenges and provide actionable solutions.

4. **Showcase Northern Ireland:** Hosting the EASM Conference in Belfast is a unique opportunity to spotlight the vibrant sports landscape of Northern Ireland. As NISF members, your presence at the event will underscore the region’s commitment to sports excellence and innovation.

5. **Professional Development:** Participating in the conference can contribute significantly to your professional development. Gain insights into emerging trends, explore novel management strategies, and stay updated with the evolving dynamics of the sports industry.

This is a unique opportunity to enhance skills, broaden perspectives, and contribute to the advancement of sports management in Northern Ireland. Your presence and active participation will undoubtedly make a meaningful impact.

How to Register:

Visit the official EASM Conference website to explore the programme, review the exciting lineup of speakers, and secure your spot.

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