Female Sports Forum Consultation Event- 22nd June

As part of Women’s Sports Week, the Female Sports Forum are having a consultation event “come have your say”

The Female Sports Forum undertook a consultation process in June 2016 following the launch of the Active Fit & Sporty Strategy in March 2016. The purpose of the consultation was to seek views from a wide range of individuals, organisations and partners to help shape and prioritise the work of the Forum moving forward.  That consultation event provided excellent feedback from those in attendance and enabled key areas of work to be established, as well as Action Plans to be developed for the Forum and its partner organisations.

However, as the FSF further evolves its membership and its partnership work we are keen to seek feedback from a range of individuals and organisations to support the future delivery/work of the Forum.  We therefore, invite you to attend a consultation event on Thursday 22nd June 6.00-9.00pm at Dunsilly Hotel Antrim.  This will be an opportunity for you to not only hear about the progress of the Forum’s work and its achievements to date but also to impact on the future work of the Forum.

If you would like to attend this event REGISTER HERE

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