Research into Knowledge Management within NGB’s

Research into Knowledge Management within NGB’s

Dear Colleague,

As part of my MSC in Executive Leadership, I am carrying out research “To assess knowledge management within the National Governing Bodies NGB’s of sport in Northern Ireland and the extent to which knowledge is managed within its voluntary and executive workforce, and to suggest a model for knowledge success”.

My research aim is to interview and survey leaders within Northern Ireland NGB’s to address the following research aims;

  1. Carry out an assessment of the awareness of tacit and explicit knowledge management within NGB’s in N.I.
  2. Carry out an assessment of the practices of leaders within NGB’s in N.I. that lead to effective tacit and explicit knowledge management.
  3. Review of business excellence frameworks, success factors and quality dimensions that could be used to increase knowledge management in NGB’s in N.I.
  4. Review of best practice of leading and embedding knowledge management within the wider NGB sector.
  5. Propose a framework/model that will aid the knowledge management process within N.I, NGB’s.

If you are a lead officer or a key committee member of an NI NGB, I would appreciate it if you could take ten minutes (Maximum) of your time to complete this survey. Please complete the survey by the 19th June.


Ashley Hunter


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