Northern Ireland’s Kirsty Barr has won a gold medal in her first major competition. The gold medal Kirsty picked up at the Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships (CSFED)  in the Isle of Man is an indication that this young athlete has the talent and the mind set to achieve a lot more in her chosen sport of shooting.

Kirsty finished third in the Badge Match, a prelim to the main competition and looked to be running into good form. A 70 x 75 left Kirsty 2 behind India’s rising talent Shreyasi Singh with a few targets to spare over Scotland’s Shona Marshall and Australia’s Laetisha Scanlan.

A 22 x 25 in the flash target final left Kirsty in the Gold Medal position on 92, Shreyasi Singh Silver 72 + 17 and the eventual Bronze medal winner Shona Marshall 67 +19.

Many congratulations Kirsty.

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