Safe Recruitment and Vetting – All you Want to Know

NISF Sports Briefings

NISF Sports Briefings are short, knowledge-sharing workshops and presentations to help sports Governing Bodies and volunteers in key areas.

This online briefing from the CPSU is aimed at  sports bodies who undertake AccessNI applications and anyone involved in Safeguarding in sport.. It will improve understanding of Regulated Activity, legal duties and importance of the AccessNI process.

Safe Recruitment and Vetting – All you Want to Know

Date: 23rd May

Time: 12-1pm

Venue: Zoom

This session will cover:

  • What is safe recruitment?
  • What does an Access NI check provide you with?
  • Who should we check?
  • Why is a check important?
  • How long does a check last?
  • What do I need to do if information is returned on a check?
  • What is the difference in an AccessNI check and a Disclosure and Barring Service check?
  • What is the Barred list?
  • What is my legal duty re vetting?
  • Any other Questions and Answers section


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