The Wildcats Activ8 Clubs have been established throughout Northern Ireland and offer the opportunity for children to learn new skills for sport, make new friends, get active and have lots of fun!

The Wildcats clubs in Castlereagh, Ards, North Down and Lisburn are aimed at Children aged 5 to 11 years with the club operating across four levels – Wildcubs 5 to 7yrs with Wildcats Bronze, Silver & Gold from 8-11 yrs.

The Wildcats Activ8 Clubs seek to develop children’s skills for sport and confidence in a fun, safe and challenging way. These clubs are a development from the previous South East Seal’s Multi Skills for Sport Clubs.

At the recent launch of the Wildcats Activ8 Clubs, Sport South East celebrated and acknowledged their Multi Skill for Sport coach’s for their contribution to the success of the clubs, presenting them with a Record of Achievement Portfolio to h onour their achievements in attaining a number of qualifications for Multi Skills for Sport delivery.

Sport South East was delighted to have in attendance the Mayor of Castlereagh, Councillor Lawrence Walker and Michelle Harvey, member of the Senior Womens Irish Hockey Team to recognise the Multi Skill for Sport Coach’s as well as to endorse the Wildcats Activ8 Clubs.

The qualified coaches who were recognised for their excellence and commitment will deliver a regular programme of non sport-specific activities based around the development of the following skills and abilities: balance, striking, kicking, catching, running, agility, jumping, landing, hand to eye co-ordination. The long term benefits are an increase in physically literate young people who it is hoped will be involved in sport or physical activity as a participant or performance athlete in the future.

The clubs will run in various venues in Castlereagh, Ards, North Down & Lisburn for 20 weeks, ten prior to Christmas starting the last week of September and ten weeks in the New Year. Cost is £2.50 per week or £20 if all 10 weeks are booked in advance.

For further information on days and times the Wildcubs and Wildcats Activ8 are taking place and an application form for the nearest venue, parents can contact the Sport South East Partnership Manager on 028 90494552 or email faronmorrison@castlereagh.gov.uk.

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