Dept for Infrastructure announce Special Events on Roads Legislation Survey

Following the meetings in March 2020 with representatives from various sporting bodies, NI’s Minister for Infrastructure, Nichola Mallon has announced that a survey of the Special Events Legislation is now live. The NI Sports Forum would encourage all sports clubs and road race or event organisers to complete the survey below, to reflect the impact the Special Events on Roads legislation has had on sport and physical activity in their local areas.

The Roads (Miscellaneous Provision) Act (Northern Ireland) was enacted in 2010. The legislation provides the power to close a road so that a special event, such as a street party or sporting event, can be held on it. In most cases the power is provided to the local council in which the road is located. The exceptions being any event proposed for a special road, which are mainly motorways, for which the Department for Infrastructure is responsible.

Announcing the commencement of the review, Minister Mallon said: “The review of the special events legislation will allow all interested stakeholders to have their voices heard on how the legislation is operating. The special events legislation was introduced following public consultation and was subsequently passed by the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The Department for Infrastructure have announced the below survey to collect the views of all interested parties and to ensure that their voices are heard so that they can make sure the legislation is fit for purpose. Responses to the survey will be considered as part of the overall review of the Roads (Miscellaneous Provision) Act (Northern Ireland) 2010.

All interested parties can complete the survey here:

The closing date for responses is Thursday 24 September 2020.

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