The University of Ulster and Volunteer Now are working in conjunction to develop Northern Ireland’s Volunteers in preparation for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the 2013 World Police and Fire Games, being hosted in Belfast.

Volunteer Now have reached an agreement with London 2012 that all Event Management for Volunteer graduates that apply through the central London 2012 volunteer application process will receive an interview to become a ‘Games Maker’ and therefore this course will help applicants take a step closer to being involved.

This module introduces students to event management for volunteers. It will provide an awareness and fundamental understanding of the disciplines involved in event management, including the importance of good practice. Learning will be enhanced through a combination of lectures, practical sessions and self learning.

Course Dates: 14th August 10am – 6pm, 15th August 10am-3pm

Venue: University of Ulster, Jordanstown

Cost: £26.25

Credit Points: 5 (Level 3)

Enrolment: Details regarding enrolment can be found here at http://www.sportsulster.com/PPDmodules.php#enrol . In an emergency participants may enrol on Saturday 14 August at 9.30am (as long as they have informed Chris Galway, C.Galway@ulster.ac.uk, before 11am on Friday 13 August of their intention (this may not guarantee you a place if maximum numbers have already been reached).

Aim: Using the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as a ‘hook’ to encourage a diversity of Northern Irish people to engage in a wider volunteer programme that enables participants to:

· Achieve an awareness and fundamental understanding of the disciplines involved in event management for volunteers;

· Develop their own skills, learning and interests;

· Gain University of Ulster accreditation (Level 3); and

· Utilise their learnt skills for future volunteer opportunities, route to employment and / or career progression.

Content: Event Management for Volunteers will introduce participants to the area of event management for volunteers, highlight the importance of good practice and enable them to make a full and productive contribution to future major events. It will encompass the following modules: 

·          First Aid

·          Fire Awareness Health & Safety

·          Child Protection

·          Managing Conflict 

·           Effective Communication

·          Equal Opportunities

·          Customer Service, Spectator Control, Stewarding 

·          Nature and scope of volunteering and volunteer management in major events in NI

·          Opportunities now, 2012 and beyond 

Assessment: Practical / Portfolio (90%) – each participant will be required to keep a personal log for the practical volunteering delivered

Coursework – each participant will undertake an assessment consisting of multiple choice questions which will assess the students’ knowledge of the disciplines that underpin event management for volunteers.


·Encourage greater awareness of and access to event volunteer opportunities

· Enable increased support for potential ‘event’ volunteers

· Establish a skilled pool of volunteers for future major events in NI

· Strengthen future bids for major events in NI


Saturday 14th August:


10.15-11.15am: The nature and scope of volunteering and volunteer management in major events in Northern Ireland and Opportunities Now, 2012 and beyond.

11.30-12.30pm: Keeping Safe/Child Protection

12.30-1pm: Lunch (not provided)

1-3pm: Keeping Safe/Child Protection

3-6pm: Customer Service, Spectator Control/Stewarding

Sunday 15th August:

10.00-10.15am: Assessment Procedure

10.15-11.15am: Fire Awareness, Health and Safety/First Aid

11.15-11.30am: Break

11.30-12.30pm: Effective Communication

12.30-1.30pm: Managing Conflict

1.30-2.30pm: Equal Opportunities

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